Tip & Trick – Sage X3 – What to do when you get the message “Calculation capacity exceeded”

In Sage X3, most of the times, you need to perform some operations on fields like amount, tax etc. or any other customized numeric field.

There are a number of data types available for decimals in Sage X3 with different length and varying number of digits after decimals. For example, data type DCB supports length 9.2 allowing for 2 digits after the decimal, while data type MD5 supports length 11.4 allowing for 4 digits after the decimal.

Generally, you choose the data type based on the values being used to perform numeric operations and their result. But sometimes it may happen that resulting value extends the maximum value that standard supports for a particular data type.

Consider the below example where multiplication is performed on two variables of data type DCB, and the resulting value will be stored in table field YAMT having data type as DCB.

Here, the multiplication of X and Y is 2099020,10,495.1 and the program execution will cause below message to appear:

Since the YAMT field is of DCB type supporting length 9.2 the capacity got exceeded for value 2099020,10,495.1. In scenarios like these you need to change the data type which will support greater length, i.e. 13.2, or you can change the length values for existing data type to 13.2 to accommodate the operation result.

You can thus overcome the “Calculation capacity exceeded” message by simply increasing the length of the data type.

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